LCD for iPhone 7+ with up to $150 Protection (White)

$79.95 79.95


Silicon Dioxide, also known as SiO2, is a chemical found in quartz. Our invisible screen protectors are comprised of this liquid glass which strengthens and hardens your phones screen without adding a bulky case or tempered glass.

  • Up to $150 in Screen repair credit for damage to your front glass or LCD
  • Liquid coating is transparent after application
  • Works with all cases, and screen protectors


Our FX5 replacement screens for iPhones boasts the following features

  • Enhanced Specular Reflector
  • 360 Degree polarized lens support
  • 140 Degree wide viewing angle 
  • Ultra Luminance
  • Color accurate

Compatible with Model numbers
A1661 / A1784 / A1785 / A1786