ProtectionPro Ultra Film (small) $150 Protection - 25 Pack

$599.95 599.95


Silicon Dioxide, also known as SiO2, is a chemical found in quartz. Our invisible screen protectors are comprised of this liquid glass which strengthens and hardens your phones screen without adding a bulky case or tempered glass.

  • Up to $150 in Screen repair credit for damage to your front glass or LCD
  • Liquid coating is transparent after application
  • Works with all cases, and screen protectors


ProtectionPro Films allow you to cut a screen protector on demand for virtually every device. 

  • Slim. Only 0.2mm thick-the slickest and smoothest shield on the market
  • Strong. Won't break and is impact resistant
  • Sensitive. Maintains screen responsiveness
  • Flexible around curved edges
  • Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions

What's included
- 25 Pack of ProtectionPro Films Ultra (Small)
- 25 Pack of Bulk Packaged Insurance ($150)